Berkeley Township: A Year with SDL

In the spring of 2015, Spatial Data Logic welcomed The Township of Berkeley, of Ocean County, as a new client of the SDL Software. When they came on board with SDL, Berkeley decided to utilize the software in their Building Department, and chose to utilize the Enterprise License. With the Enterprise License, municipalities have access to the core SDL Desktop software, as well as the SDL Mobile app and the SDL Portal. After just over a year of implementing the use of these three platforms, officials of Berkeley Township have remarked upon the significant difference the SDL Software has made to their office workflow and efficiency.

SDL Portal

The SDL Portal is a cloud-based platform that allows municipal citizens access to relevant information. “The Portal and Mobile features are my favorite features of the software,” stated Berkeley Township Construction Official, Anthony Cirz. “The [portal] takes a huge amount of phone calls in to our office.” Currently, Berkeley’s Portal page allows for public users to view a number of different filters over their town map. These filters include property class, property value, last property sale price, vacant properties and all current and past building permits.

The above map shows Berkeley’s property classes, net                        The above map shows Berkeley’s building    assessed value, last sale price and vacant properties.                  permits for the day, week, month, quarter and year.



Schedule Inspections

While all aspects of SDL’s Municipal Management Software are designed to help increase efficiency and workflow within offices, the Portal has been able to help eliminate many of the added interruptions of office walk-ins and phone calls. In addition to township map filters, Berkeley’s Portal page also allows for users to log on and schedule inspections.

The above image demonstrates the process of completing an inspection request through the SDL Portal.

“The Portal has simplified our office’s daily operation, since it alleviates customer interaction in the office and excessive phone calls,” Cirz said.  “I have experienced a more efficient permitting process due to the availability of any person to log on to the portal and research whatever information that is necessary for them,” he continued. “The ability for customers to request inspections, check permit plan review status and to be notified of every action pertaining to their permit has significantly reduced phone calls in our office.”



Currently, Berkeley’s Portal page allows for users to visit their municipal website, view township maps, schedule inspections, make requests, view township data and search for permits. With the permit search feature, users can search with either a permit number or a control number, in order to find the status of a specific Building Permit.

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