Happy 20 Year Anniversary SDL

Since its inception, Spatial Data Logic has continued to evolve, striving to provide municipalities with an efficient way of automating their different departments. Throughout its history, there have been countless updates and ad­­ditions to the software system now seen across the state of New Jersey.

In 1997, SDL discovered the need for a dynamic municipality management solution that could be easily updated and accessed by multiple types of users. Working to fill that void, SDL utilized a robust Geographic Information System to create the SDL Municipal Management Software.

At the time, SDL catered to a handful of New Jersey municipalities. In addition to Municipal Management Software, SDL began providing several mapping services to municipalities, intending to have the most accurate information possible for the GIS.

In addition to GIS mapping for utility systems and municipal assets, SDL has continued to provide services for other mapping projects as well, including Digital Tax Maps, Digital Parcel Maps, Zoning, Fire Districts and DPW Zones.

After two decades, SDL now serves over 120 different municipalities, spanning across 19 counties of New Jersey. What began as the idea for a municipality management solution has grown into ­a multitude of different platforms continuously developing to fit the needs of New Jersey’s local government.

“SDL has revolutionized the way in which permit management and tracking is handled throughout the state,” stated Steve Jones, Construction Official of Millburn Township and Florham Park Borough. “The integration of the various modules across the entire platform of municipal departments is invaluable in providing high quality and reliable in services to members of the public.”

Because SDL’s client base is currently comprised entirely of New Jersey municipalities, stringent New Jersey regulations have been kept in mind from the beginning. As the software has continued to develop, specific New Jersey state codes, statutes and regulations have been written in to the way the program functions.

“As a Fire Official, I really appreciate how the software is tailor-made to the unique NJ-specific requirements,” stated Matthew Lubin, Fire Official for the Township of Cranford.

Throughout the process of updating the SDL Software, there has always been a high priority to optimizing the functionality. Designed for municipal employees and citizens with varying degrees of computer experience, every update strives to improve upon the ease of use.

“There isn’t anything I don’t like about [SDL Software],” stated Thomas Delia, Zoning Officer for Long Hill Township. “I like the ease of the way you can change information in workflow. I like how easy it is to access my zoning permits and the information attached to them. You can figure [the software] out by just playing with it for a few minutes. We’ve only had it for a year or so and I love it, it’s so easy.”

Originally titled Geologic, the SDL Software has expanded to accommodate the needs of municipal employees, inspectors and citizens alike.  The 16 modules of the software encompass municipal departments spanning from administration and building, to safety and utilities. While SDL Desktop works as the hub of the software, the SDL Portal and SDL Mobile app act as extensions designed to be utilized by municipal citizens and inspectors.

“My town has been using Spatial Data Logic since 2004; we use the building, fire, tax, land use, code enforcement, public works and engineering,” stated Debbie Timko, Technical Assistant for the Borough of New Providence. “It’s a wonderful program, very user friendly, and it is always being updated to make it more efficient.”

A crucial component of the SDL Software is the ability to access different information across departments. As the software has transitioned, SDL has optimized the way that municipal departments can view and request specific information from one another.

“We [were] very excited to be implementing the Fire Prevention module,” said Lubin. “We’ve been using SDL to coordinate with our Building Department for several years, and now we will have a seamless solution to work with them on a daily basis.”

Just as Geologic transitioned into SDL Desktop, the current SDL software is always evolving. In addition to the continual updates to the existing software, SDL is currently working to develop new tools for users. Currently, SDL is in the processes of releasing SDL Citizen, an app designed to complement the SDL Portal and for the exclusive use of municipal citizens. SDL is also working on releasing a more limited online platform of the SDL Desktop software and a Sever Hosting service available for the use of clients.

“SDL has set the standard for integrated data management for all aspects of municipal services.  Their innovation and delivery of reliable information is essential for municipalities to accurately gauge the effectiveness of service provided to their residents,” Jones concluded.


Raritan Selects SDL Enterprise License

SOMERSET, NJ – March 28, 2017 – Raritan Township, of Hunterdon County, has selected the SDL Desktop software for use throughout their municipal offices. Raritan will be utilizing the SDL software within a number of different departments throughout the township, including Building, Fire Prevention, Zoning, Engineering, Clerk, Pet, Health and Administration.

In addition to the SDL Desktop software, the Enterprise License gives Raritan access to the SDL Portal and SDL Mobile. The SDL Portal provides township citizens with easy access of property information and the ability to submit requests and applications from the comfort of home. With the SDL Mobile app, inspectors are able to record and report inspection information while in the field. We are delighted to have Raritan as a new client and look forward to assisting them with the implementation of the SDL Software.

Bound Brook Upgrades to Enterprise License

SOMERSET, NJ – March 21, 2017 – The Borough of Bound Brook, of Somerset County, has chosen to upgrade to the SDL Enterprise License. Bound Brook will be primarily utilizing the software within their Building and Code Enforcement departments, with the possibility of expanding into additional departments in the future. With the Enterprise License, Bound Brook will now also have access to SDL Mobile and SDL Portal, in addition to the SDL Desktop software.

Bound Brook has been a client of SDL since 2007, when they selected SDL’s GeoLogic software for use in their Building department. We are happy to be able to continue to serve Bound Brook as a client, and look forward to assisting them with the implementation of SDL Portal and SDL Mobile throughout their municipal offices.

SDL Mobile – New Version

The next version of SDL Mobile (3.1.196) is now available in the iOS and Android App Stores. We added a lot of enhancements and fixes as well as three new modules (Engineering, Sewer Utility and Water Utility). SDL Mobile usage continues to grow and is now processing over 5,000 inspections per week. Since April 2016, SDL Mobile has processed over 200,000 inspections and over 40,000 photos.

SDL Mobile – Version 3.1.196
C – Add Inspection from Permit page
C – Inspection Reminder confirmations/cancellations displayed in main list
Core – Photo Descriptions on reports
Core – Capture Signatures on device
Core – Property Page links open Permit details
Core – Report Images now have descriptions
Core – Maps – View ArcGIS Online maps
FP – Search Statute by title and statute#
FP – Add Compliance inspection w violations
FP – All Inspection limited to 90 days ahead
FP – Fix, reinspection initially set to Not Started
FP – Inspection IsCompleted now set
FP – Compliance violations now show up
FP – Reload Statutes from server
CE – Added Quick Notes
CE- Reload Statutes from server
PW – Added Inspections
E – Added Engineering Module (ServiceRequests and Inspections)
WU – Added Water Module (ServiceRequests and Inspections)
SU – Added SewerModule (ServiceRequests and Inspections

Set your Inspector signature in the app and they will appear on your reports


SDL Citizen – Quick Peek, Coming Soon

  • Town Branding – Colors and Logos
  • Report and View Complaints/Issues
  • View Properties
  • View Permits and Schedule Inspections
  • View Town Maps from ArcGIS Online
  • Broadcast Push Messages to all Citizens from SDL Portal Admin
  • Search Properties, Permits and Complaints. Complaints are limited to town specified list of types.
  • Embedded Online Forms
  • For iOS and Android

For more information on SDL Citizen, click here.

Harding Upgrades to Enterprise License

SOMERSET, NJ – March 3, 2017 – Harding Township, of Morris County, has recently elected to upgrade to the SDL Enterprise License. Harding has been a dedicated client of SDL since 2003, when they chose to utilize SDL’s Geologic Software System for use in their Building Department.

With this recent upgrade, Harding will now have use of SDL Portal and SDL Mobile, in addition to their current use of the SDL Desktop software. The SDL Enterprise License also allows for the expanded use of the software throughout all departments in the municipality.

We are thrilled to be able to continue to serve Harding as a client, and look forward to assisting them with the implementation of SDL Portal and SDL Mobile throughout their municipal offices.

Inspection Reminders

In many towns, inspectors are wasting upwards of 30% of their time showing up for inspections where the contractors and work are not ready. The inspection has to be cancelled and then a new one must be scheduled. Worse off, that inspector could have been working on other permits that were ready but not on the daily schedule.

To help alleviate this problem, we’ve introduced Inspection Reminders in SDL Portal. If you have Inspection Notifications turned on for your portal, reminder emails will be sent out 24 hours prior to the scheduled inspection. All emails on the permit and the contractor email for the inspection subcode will receive the email below. They can then confirm or cancel the inspection using the inline buttons. Likewise, they can choose to ignore the email without any penalty.


When an inspection is confirmed or cancelled, it’s entry in SDL Mobile changes as well. The inspector can look at a glance to see which contractors have confirmed or not, giving them more confidence that trip across town in traffic will be worth it. The Inspection Notes section is also updated to show the name of the user who confirmed or canceled and when it occured. These notes show up in SDL Desktop and on the Daily Inspections email that is sent to all inspectors as well.


Eatontown Upgrades to Enterprise License

SOMERSET, NJ – February 7, 2017 – The Borough of Eatontown, of Monmouth County, has recently chosen to upgrade to the SDL Enterprise License for use throughout their municipal departments. With SDL’s Enterprise License, Eatontown will now have the ability to utilize the SDL Mobile app and SDL Portal, in addition to their current use of the SDL Desktop software. The Enterprise License also allows users to expand the use of the software to multiple departments throughout their municipality.

Eatontown initially became a client of SDL in 2012, when they chose the GeoLogic software for use in their Building, Land Use and Code Enforcement departments. We are happy to continue to serve Eatontown as a client and assist with the implementation of SDL Portal and SDL Mobile.


Norwood Upgrades to SDL Enterprise License

SOMERSET, NJ – February 3, 2017 – The Borough of Norwood, of Bergen County, has recently elected to upgrade to the SDL Enterprise License for their municipal offices. With the Enterprise License, Norwood has the ability to expand the use of the SDL Software into multiple departments and provides users with access to the SDL Mobile app and SDL Portal. Norwood will primarily be utilizing the Land Use and Construction modules for their building, zoning and boards.

Norwood has been a client of SDL since 2007, when they selected the SDL GeoLogic software for their workflow and GIS for use in their building department. We are thrilled to continue to serve Norwood as a client and happy to help them expand the use of the SDL Software within their municipality.

Bridgewater Selects SDL Enterprise License

bridgewater-logoSOMERSET, NJ – December 16, 2016 – The Township of Bridgewater, of Somerset County, has recently selected the SDL  Desktop Software for their municipality’s use. Bridgewater has chosen to come on board with SDL’s Enterprise License, giving them access to the SDL Portal and SDL Mobile app in addition to the SDL Desktop Software. At this time, Bridgewater has chosen to deploy the software in their Building Department, with the possibility of expanding into other departments in the future. We are very happy to have Bridgewater as a new client.

South River Selects SDL Enterprise License

south-river-logoSOMERSET, NJ – November 22, 2016 – The Borough of South River, of Middlesex County, has selected the SDL  Desktop Software for use throughout their municipality. South River has chosen to come on board with SDL’s Enterprise License. With the Enterprise License, South River will have the ability to utilize the SDL Portal and SDL Mobile app, in addition to the SDL Desktop software.


The Municipal Management Software will primarily be used throughout South River’s Code Enforcement Department. We are happy to have South River as a new client.