Secure the foundation of your town, from the ground up.

Your municipality strives to ensure that projects are completed on time, efficiently and with the highest quality standards.

SDL’s Development Module was created for departments that oversee maintenance and security of city facilities and the operation and maintenance of city streets, storm drains and traffic signals. Use our Municipal Management Software to manage all departments’ responsibilities with one convenient software program.




Your municipality’s building department issues construction permits, conducts progress inspections and issues certificates of occupancy in accordance with state regulations. To protect the health, safety and welfare of all users of buildings and structures within your town, it is essential to properly maintain and access all necessary documents and permits at a moment’s notice. Our Building Module addresses these needs and seamlessly integrates with other SDL modules, providing you with a comprehensive building and maintenance solution.

  • Linking of all applications, permits, certificates, inspections, and violations
  • Integrated mapping tools; integration with GIS
  • Linking of building data with tax information, enabling reporting and spatial analysis
  • Easy-to-use, point and click menu features
  • Permit applications and inspection requests accepted through the SDL Portal



Your municipality’s planning department is challenged with guiding land use development and community resources to meet the needs of present and future residents, while considering your town’s housing, transportation and economic growth.

Effectively tracking and managing a planning department’s documents and responsibilities will help ensure better neighborhoods, a safe and healthy community and a sustainable economy. Our land use module provides the coordination of various documents and applications that a planning department must track and manage, helping users to meet critical milestones along the way in the planning process.

  • Planning Board, Zoning Board and Open Space Applications
  • Management of board applications, dates, and conditions
  • Tracking of fees and escrows



SDL believes that your municipality’s zoning department operates within a network of development departments for a very important purpose: to serve and protect the citizens of your community. To effectively operate within this network, you must be able to communicate with the other members, interact with them, see what they are doing and share data with them.

Simplify your zoning department’s paperwork related to the review and compliance of proposed structures, site plans and signs. Paperwork is minimized and a digital archive of all paperwork is created for your department’s activity.

  • Ability to process zoning permits, inspections  and violations for your local zoning ordinance
  • Zoning board applications and inquiries acceptance and management
  • Fees can be managed and collected
  • All data processed will be stored at your municipality; historical data from your existing software can be imported



The Engineering department is the local government GIS center, providing site and sub-division plan reviews, surveying services and other technical support services to Planning, Zoning, Building, Public Works and other departments. Your department staff ensures that local ordinances, regulations and specifications are adhered to. Many engineers are also responsible for the preparation and update of the Township’s tax map, street maps and other mapping for general public use. These functions require a user-friendly cache of GIS tools to view, analyze and print this data, while linking it to your parcel map.

Service requests and road openings can be logged into the system for tracking, management and reporting until their closure. The Engineering module will allow you to assign man hours, equipment and materials to the appropriate project and display all projects on your municipal map. Road openings can be tracked by type, contractor, inspection date or location.

  • Integrated, easy-to-use mapping tools
  • Access to all relevant data for every parcel
  • Alerts for approaching application review dates
  • GIS integration; tools for processing map extents, line lengths and area measurements
  • Multiple layers (including aerial photos) that can be loaded in maps
  • Parcel Offset Wizard to determine adjacent properties within a specific radius for notification
  • Automatic generation of mailing labels
  • Service Request Wizard to allow tasks to be assigned the appropriate department or individual
  • Road Openings Wizard to allow the user to mark, track, manage and bill for road openings
  • Linking of road openings and service requests to maps



Tax Assessor data is at the center of all data tracked by SDL Municipal Management Software. Nearly all other modules rely on timely updates of MOD-IV data for accurate processing of their workflows. The Assessment Module includes automated import, paring and linking routines that make pushing this data to other modules a seamless process.

  • Access to MOD-IV data with an easy to use interface for sorting, grouping and searching specific properties or groups of similar properties
  • Search, summary and reporting capabilities for evaluations
  • Reduce inquiry calls to your department with the MOD-IV update capability, allowing you to quickly and easily update other departments with the most up-to-date property owner information
  • Access to Building Department data with search and report capabilities, enabling you to prioritize properties for reassessment
  • Holistic and historic view of every municipal property
  • Access to existing systems
  • Import routines for major NJ vendors
  • Expands “Additional Lots” field into new records
  • Links the new and existing records with the Parcel file