Reduce phone calls, inquiries and office walk-ins for a more efficient office.

Your municipality’s administration departments provide organization and structure to all departments’ functions and business processes. SDL Municipal Management Software’s administrative modules allow your departments to seamlessly track requests, permits and statuses of paperwork. Our modules are designed to make everyday transactions and responsibilities work in the most efficient and effective way, allowing for “one-stop shopping” to the public when requesting local government records and information.




Municipalities in New Jersey are required by law to comply with the Open Public Records Act (OPRA). The core purpose of OPRA is to provide “one-stop shopping” to the public when requesting local government records and the designee is the municipal clerk. Our Clerk Module allows the clerk to delegate the OPRA request to various departments to facilitate speedy access for citizens. In addition, the clerk is responsible for issuing parking permits and maintaining data on each of the municipal Boards and Commissions.

  • Track all municipal OPRA requests, their status, department assignments, the location and the amount of time that it takes for closure
  • Process and issue all municipal and residential parking permits.
  • Create and maintain contact information and terms for municipal boards and their members
  • Issue and manage games of chance applications and other licenses and application
  • Municipal Tax (MOD-IV) data is easily updated by your Assessor
  • Integrated mapping tools are easy to use
  • Ability to take complaints and online applications from the SDL Portal





The Mayor or Township Manager/Administrator is considered the chief executive of the municipality, and is therefore responsible for all of the administrative functions. Our Manager Module provides the insight necessary for you to be aware of the status of all departments, tasks and issues within the municipality. Summary reports for department activity and the supporting details for each are at your fingertips. The software enables you to link all of this data to the parcel map – allowing you to evaluate trends in the data and the specific areas of growth and where there are issues. All of this is managed and viewed through an easy-to-use, point-and-click, user interface.

  • Access to raw department data for every parcel
  • Alerts for applications, approaching plan review dates and complaint information
  • Easy to use GIS tools for processing map extents, line lengths and area measurements
  • Any number of map layers including aerial photos can be loaded in
  • Parcel Offset Wizard to determine adjacent properties within a specific radius for notification, plus automatic generation of mailing labels
  • Full complement of reports that summarize the activity of each and every department that SDL Municipal Management Software supports


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