SDL Portal

Get more of your town online – anytime, anywhere.

Cloud-based web application for citizens, municipal officials and employees to conveniently access public data in real-time.



The SDL Portal is a cloud-based web application that allows your town officials, employees and citizens to gain access to town data
when and where they need it. Real-time syncing with the SDL Municipal Management Software platform allows for up-to-date data for all users, whether in the office or from the comfort of home. Highly configurable, users can set up the online portal to give access when, where and how they need it to be.

Property information

Property Information

The property page includes everything from basic tax lot and owner information to detailed data regarding current permits, complaints, violations, licenses and certificates. Current SDL Desktop user permissions automatically unlock sections for authorized users and town portal administrators have the ability to configure over 50 property items for public access.

  • Summary Department information about a property on one page
  • Links to detailed information
  • Flexible security – only show the public what you want to



The portal search feature allows users to locate properties or permits, even when they have limited information available. Users can search by full or partial address, full or partial owner name, or block/lot for properties and permits. Users are also able to perform searches using more specific information, such as a permit or control number. This same search functionality is featured throughout the portal, helping users to quickly and accurately fill out web requests or locate information on one of the maps.

    • Properties and permits
    • Complaints, code enforcement and public works
    • Text and map search
    • Advanced search options



Online Forms

android-portal-application-mobileThe online forms allow public users to search, complete and submit various types of requests directly to town offices, from the  convenience of home. A step-by-step process guides users through  online forms, ensuring they know how to correctly complete and submit them. With the use of their online accounts, public users also have the ability to access current requests, check request statuses, or provide more information when requested. Town portal administrators can easily configure the specific forms available to the public, add customer instructions or descriptions and manage attachment requirements as needed. Submitted forms are synced with the SDL Desktop system, allowing for seamless interactions between town employees and online citizen customers.

  • Complaints
  • Minor work permits
  • OPRA
  • Zoning applications
  • Fire/Smoke Detector Registration
  • Clerk: General Applications
  • Inspection requests
  • Pet licenses and renewals
  • Police alarms
  • Mercantile Licenses
  • Food License Applications
  • Health: Non-Food Applications
  • Includes search feature
  • “Popular Options” of forms are easily accessible
  • Flexible configurations for administrators
  • User-friendly question and answer format




Online Paymentspayments

Our online payment process allows online citizens and professionals an easy and convenient method in which to purchase or renew applications and licenses. Fully integrated with the SDL Desktop system, payments made online through the portal or in person with a desktop user are updated and synced in real time. Email renewal notification and payment can significantly reduce the time and effort it takes town employees to manage licensing and applications of all types.

  • Flexible online payments
  • Renewal payments
  • Desktop payments
  • Desktop credit card swipe




The online portal provides several avenues for users to receive notifications and updates on changes to permit statuses or inspections. Email notification can be configured by town portal administrators, in which permit statuses and inspection status updates are sent as they occur. In addition to triggered notifications, administrators can allow for users to text, email or call for automated status information on specific permits, or permits associated with accounts. This feature also allows for users to find status information for permits directly through the use of the portal.

          • Email when permit status changes
          • Email when inspection is completed
          • Watch any permits in your town


Our newly updated maps page features the best of what GIS has to offer, with a simple and compelling user interface. Users can easily and quickly locate basic property information for single locations, or display town-wide data with basic and custom map layers and overlays. See where vacant lots or flood plains are, or use a filter to display the status of building permits opened during a specific time frame.

          • Property maps – search for or click on any property in your town
            • Property class, value, sales and vacant maps available
          • Construction Permits
            • Filter by date range, work type, status or construction costs
            • Heatmaps and animations available
          • Town maps
            • Zoning map, historical districts, wards, and utility (waste and waste water) maps available
            • Google Maps basemap allows users to visualize data on top of Google Streetview

*Available in SDL Mobile app


Our base feature set includes:

  • Property Data

    View basic to department-specific property data, configured and secure for public and SDL users

  • Maps

    Search and see online data, including anything from basic tax data to integrated local GIS layers

  • Town Accounts

    Seamless and automated account creation and permissions from SDL Desktop accounts to SDL Portal accounts

  • Public Accounts

    Reduce walk-in traffic and contractor frustrations with citizen and professional public accounts