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Our team will work with you to redesign your municipal website redesigns in as little as 8 weeks. We handle the heavy lifting so there is no strain on your resouces, no software to learn, and your website is efficiently implemented.


With our managed services, your website continues to grow and change along with your community. Whether it be a homepage redesign to spotlight important information or the addition of new departments, GovSites helps your website stay fresh.


GovSites uses site analytics to understand the needs of residents. This non-identifiable information gives us insight into the way that the website is being used and helps us make changes to better serve the residents of your community. 

Complete Webmaster Services

GovSites provides a unique service. Technology has changed and we believe that municipal website management should follow. Gone are the days of learning new systems, putting information in the "Best available place", or having inconsistency across department pages. 

In most municipalities, there isn’t a single person whose job description is “webmaster”. It often falls on the shoulders of different people or is the secondary responsibility of the clerk, administrator, or IT department. For many years, this worked, but as municipal websites become the go-to source of information for residents, they are demanding more.

With GovSites, we are your municipality's webmaster. We gather, convert, distribute and archive municipal website information. This means that updating your website content, adding new pages, or changing the look of the site is as easy as sending an email. When an authorized person or department sends an email to GovSites, those content updates are handled same-day if received by 3pm.


Key Features

Unlimited Content Updates

With GovSites, we are a single channel for all municipal communications. Information is sent directly to GovSites. We then review the content, perform necessary conversions, schedule the information to publish at an appropriate time, distribute the info across all of our managed channels, and archive the content when it is no longer relevant. All requests are tracked using a simple ticketing system.

Ongoing Builds

In addition to performing content updates, GovSites management includes the option to continue the site build long after the launch. This means that new pages, sections, features, and navigation structures can be added to your site at any time.


Coupled with Spatial Data Logic's municipal management software, GovSites can provide a full integrated two-way communication platform where residents can access information and submit applications, requests and concerns online that sync back to the municipal software for processing.

Hosting & Security

Whether GovSites is providing complete management or hosting & support only, we maintain your websites servers, security, and backups. All websites benefit from multiple levels of firewall and security protection, including the website itself and the servers that are hosting the site. In addition, GovSites takes a full backup of the entire website daily. All

backups are held for at least 30-days on a different server, making it easy to restore your website if needed.

First Year Management

Management is always included for the first year. We know that your website isn’t going to be finished the day that it launches. Feedback from residents, elected officials, and municipal staff will result in the need to continue design and implementation far after the initial launch of the website. With management being included, simply email us the content revisions and we will keep designing the site. Most clients continue management beyond the first year, but this is optional and you may choose to downgrade to hosting & support only at your renewal.

Self Service Options

Management doesn't mean that we hold the only set of keys to your website. You retain access to post alerts, after-hours emergencies, and notices on the homepage of the site.