SDL Mobile – New Version

The next version of SDL Mobile (3.1.196) is now available in the iOS and Android App Stores. We added a lot of enhancements and fixes as well as three new modules (Engineering, Sewer Utility and Water Utility). SDL Mobile usage continues to grow and is now processing over 5,000 inspections per week. Since April 2016, SDL Mobile has processed over 200,000 inspections and over 40,000 photos.

SDL Mobile – Version 3.1.196
C – Add Inspection from Permit page
C – Inspection Reminder confirmations/cancellations displayed in main list
Core – Photo Descriptions on reports
Core – Capture Signatures on device
Core – Property Page links open Permit details
Core – Report Images now have descriptions
Core – Maps – View ArcGIS Online maps
FP – Search Statute by title and statute#
FP – Add Compliance inspection w violations
FP – All Inspection limited to 90 days ahead
FP – Fix, reinspection initially set to Not Started
FP – Inspection IsCompleted now set
FP – Compliance violations now show up
FP – Reload Statutes from server
CE – Added Quick Notes
CE- Reload Statutes from server
PW – Added Inspections
E – Added Engineering Module (ServiceRequests and Inspections)
WU – Added Water Module (ServiceRequests and Inspections)
SU – Added SewerModule (ServiceRequests and Inspections

Set your Inspector signature in the app and they will appear on your reports


SDL Citizen – Quick Peek, Coming Soon

  • Town Branding – Colors and Logos
  • Report and View Complaints/Issues
  • View Properties
  • View Permits and Schedule Inspections
  • View Town Maps from ArcGIS Online
  • Broadcast Push Messages to all Citizens from SDL Portal Admin
  • Search Properties, Permits and Complaints. Complaints are limited to town specified list of types.
  • Embedded Online Forms
  • For iOS and Android

For more information on SDL Citizen, click here.

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