SDL Mobile Update

SDL has just released the latest version of SDL Mobile (3.1.235). With this version, we are introducing the Land Use module, along with hundreds of other new features, fixes and improvements. Please note that you may need to uninstall the old version of SDL Mobile before using the new version.


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Core Updates

  1. New Homepage Button View
  2. New Search View
  3. New Statutes View
  4. New Calendar View
  5. Inspection Templates
  6. New Signature Capture
  7. Inspection Save Options
  8. Change Inspection Date and Inspector
  9. New Photo Watermark options
  10. New Checklist options
  11. New Inspections Map
  12. Improved Inspection Routing
  13. Improved Directions with Google Maps
  14. New Module – Land Use
  15. 100+ major and minor fixes


Module Updates


  1. New Permits View/Map
  2. Permit Attachments (Tech Cards etc)
  3. Arrival Notification Email
  4. Plan Review Status and Notes
  5. Change Inspector

Code Enforcement

  1. New Statutes View
  2. Statutes Quick List from Desktop
  3. Inspection Templates
  4. New Inspection – Spot or Area Wide
  5. Inspection Editing on by default
  6. Signature Capture for Report
  7. New UI for Add/Remove Violations/Statutes
  8. Save Options for Recurring, Reinspection and Abatement

Land Use

  1. Newest Module – Includes all Core Items
  2. Create and Edit Land Use Inspections
  3. Add Violations using LU Statutes
  4. Signature Capture for Report
  5. Zoning Applications View/Map
  6. Zoning Application Attachments

Fire Prevention

  1. New Statutes View
  2. Statutes Quick List from Desktop
  3. Units View/Map
  4. Edit Units Emergency Contacts
  5. Units – Permits and Invoices
  6. Inspection Templates
  7. New Notice of Violation Report
  8. Email to Agent/Owner/Tenant
  9. Save Options for Recurring, Reinspection and Abatement
  10. Signature Capture for Report


  1. New Chapter 24 Risk Based Report
  2. New Statutes View
  3. Signature Capture for Report

Public Works/Engineering/Water/Sewer

  1. New Time Tracking for Service Requests
  2. New Road Closings View/Map

Road Closings                                Statutes Search                             Time Tracking

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