SDL Portal: New Online Requests

The newest SDL Portal release includes two new requests, three new maps and a redesign of our online Building Permit request that will make it even easier for your citizens to apply online.

New Online Requests

Road Opening  Allow portal users to request a road opening permit online. All major information is required with optional contact information for a contractor or engineer to be configured.

Road Closing – Allow portal users to request a full or partial road, parking or sidewalk closing. All major information including dates, times, reason, closure direction and more are required. User can search for, start and end location, or just draw a route on the map. 

Topic Maps

We are introducing a new set of maps for the portal that, as a group, we are calling “Topic Maps”. Topic Maps are meant to be stand alone maps users can link to or embed on their town websites, as well as navigate to on the portal. The firs three to be released will be “Road Closings”, “Health Applications”, and “Issues”.

These maps can be enabled for SDL User and/or Public User access. Issues and your town complaints will also require enabling public access to complaints, and enabling which complaint types are allowed public access for data to display. Contact our Support team for more information on how to enable these features.

Building Permit Online Requests

Building permits can be a complicated process. Recently, we have redesigned the online permit request process to enhance clarity and usability, as well as added a few new features to help make it easier. Users can now save an in-process draft to their portal account, so that they can return at any time to complete the request process without needing to re-enter data. In addition, we have added an In Process summary screen, so users can see what they have entered so far.

We have also redesigned the entry point, so users are given more information up front about the types of permits that can be applied for online, and what those applications require. All enabled templates will be listed with their individual descriptions and instructions, as well as basic information regarding which subcodes, tech cards and documentation the permit request will include. Lastly, we have added more stock instructions to help users through each step.

New Features

  • Road Opening Request
  • Road Closing Request
  • Topic Maps – Road Closing, Health Applications, Issues (Complaints)
  • Building Permit – new UI format

Misc. Updates and Changes

  • “tiff” file added as allowed download for permit and property attachments
  • Added work-around for property search results with missing city/zip (for newer requests only)
  • Added additional check for allowed file types on requests uploads
  • For requests with “allowed attachments”, enabled AND additional forms or documents enabled. This will now display as one combined upload page in the requests UI instead of two.
  • Various enhancements to embedded UI requests

Bug Fixes

  • Per License Request – license renewal existing pet search using account primary town instead of account address town
  • Main map sidebar icon issue in IE fixed
  • Complaint Auto Create default status fixed
  • Tenant contact validation issue for Property Management fixed

SDL Citizen

The SDL Citizen app has been released!

  • Manage permits, schedule inspections, report issues and much more!
  • SDL Citizen and future portal updates are at the core of how we envision transforming the municipal-citizen relationship
  • Please contact SDL Support about preparing your town for app access (most features are turned off by default)
  • Much more information to come in the near future!


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