SDL Portal Update – September 2017

Tenancy Management

Tenancy management has been included in SDL’s desktop software for many years. It deals with the management of units on any one property, and all of the data associated with them, such as:
  • Landlord Registrations
  • CCO/Rental regulations
  • Certificates of Habitability
  • Rental Agreements
  • Rent Leveling Applications
  • Tenant Roster
  • Room Dimensions
  • Emergency Contacts
  • In-County Agents
  • Fuel Providers
We now have the capability of managing this by your constituents through the SDL Portal. The SDL Portal Property Management system was built to manage a town’s landlord, rental and rent control registrations and updates. It is meant to work as a fully integrated system between portal users and landlords, tenants and property owners. With this system, there is no more need for paper forms or redundant data entry. SDL Desktop users on the portal will now be able to see a new SDL Portal Property Management section on the property page: this section is hidden from public users until you enable Property Management on the portal.
*Please contact our Support Team for more information on the release of SDL Portal Property Management.


Building Permit Plan Review

There have been some useful new enhancements added to the Portal, regarding the Plan Review status for building permits. There is now a new Plan Review section on the permit page, added in order to display when there is plan review data available for the select permit. Additionally, SDL Desktop users have the option to flag both general and reason for failure notes, which will also be displayed on this page of the Portal. Permit status update emails will provide a limited view of this section, with links to more information. Status changes for each plan review subcode  – not just the permit status overall updates – will now trigger a permit status update email.

We highly encourage users to add custom Help questions and answers for next steps for citizens, for instances when a Plan Review fails or is in a pending status. Contact our Support team for help adding custom FAQs for your building permits and plan reviews.

Property Page – New Sections

We have added two new sections to the property page – one features links to Tax Map sheets for the select property, while the other features a list of Attachments/Files associated with the property. Tax Maps associated with a property will be displayed for all public users. Attachments will only be displayed when an SDL Desktop user has flagged that file for Portal display. Two permission options are available for this feature – one will display the attachments for SDL users only, and the other will display for all users, public included. Links to open or download those attachments are available for only select file types at this time: pdf, jpg or png. You will see the new attachment section on the permit pages as well, but they will only  display attachments specific to that permit.

New Features

  • SDL Portal Property Management released
  • Permit plan review status section added to property page and permit email when applicable
  • Permit plan review status change triggers permit update email
  • Property page – Link to tax map sheets added
  • Property page – Link to attachments added
  • Permit page – Link to attachments added

Misc. Updates and Changes

  • QR code mobile landing page
  • Certificate Web Request – Added alternate label for property owner and tenant fields
  • Updates to Help widget text formatting for better usability
  • Inspection Requests – Update to subcode and type selection for better usability
  • Search – Added search spinner/indicator to auto complete searches for better usability

Bug Fixes

  • File upload file name conversion for desktop fix
  • Permit email status icon fixes are added
  • Permit page with status label error fixed

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