SDL Portal Videos – New Features for Fall, 2018

Sometimes video speaks louder than words. Today’s blog includes three to show you what’s new on the SDL Portal.

While many of us enjoyed vacations this summer, the Portal development team put in long hours to create handy improvements and clever new features. The results make life easier for both users and those employed by towns who have Portals.

New Portal Request Pages

Newly-designed landing pages help users get to the right place quickly and easily. Interactive maps, search functions, hints and drop-down boxes help ensure that submissions are right the first time, eliminating the frustrating delays caused by missing or incorrect data. Check out the first video to see for yourself how your residents can apply for permits, register licenses and much more online. (Tip: see the scrolling list of pages at 0:10… you might get ideas from seeing how other towns squeeze extra value out of their Portals):

New Building Permit Features

A new layout and new workflow make things easy for residents who dread the permit process. The Portal walks each user down the most straightforward path to a complete and error-free permit application, saving multiple trips to town hall.

Drop-down boxes make the application process faster and easier than ever before. A built-in cost estimate calculator minimizes errors, and required forms are both identified and included. Check it all out in this video!

New Workflow – Example in 60 Seconds

Things get done quickly on the SDL Portal. As an example, the next video follows a landlord registering herself with the town as the point of contact for a property… in one minute. This includes adding a photo, reading the email notification and a quick look at notification options:

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