Westfield Upgrades to SDL Enterprise License

SOMERSET, NJ – October 1, 2018 – The Town of Westfield, of Union County, has recently decided to upgrade to the SDL Enterprise License. The Enterprise License will allow Westfield the usage of SDL Mobile, SDL Portal and SDL Citizen, in addition to their current use of the SDL Desktop software.

With SDL Mobile, town inspectors have the ability to start, update and complete inspections from in the field, while syncing all data in real-time to the SDL Desktop. The SDL Portal provides township administrators, employees and citizens instant and easy access to town data, maps and requests. Township citizens also have the ability to access data and submit requests from the newly released SDL Citizen app.

Westfield has been a client of SDL’s since 2003, when they chose to deploy the software throughout multiple municipal offices. Currently they will be utilizing the software within the Building, Land Use, Code Enforcement, Assessor, Engineering, Public Works and Utilities offices. We are thrilled to continue working with Westfield and we are looking forward to assisting them with this expansion.

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