New SDL Portal Features Released

SOMERSET, NJ – December 23, 2016 – Spatial Data Logic has recently released an update to the SDL Portal, which features several improvements in the customization and functionality of the software. This improved functionality focuses on improved settings for user login and request submissions, in addition to customization regarding property owner information.

Unregistered User Requests

As a result of the most recent update, SDL Portal users now have the ability to allow citizens to complete and submit request forms without logging in to a portal account.  Any active web request may now be configured to permit this functionality, allowing public users who are logged out or who do not have Portal accounts to complete and submit request forms.


Requests submitted in this way, or unregistered requests, will require users to provide basic contact information, including their name, email address, phone number and address. Towns also now have the ability to choose to enable a “recaptcha” security check, mandatory for public users to complete before being permitted to submit a request.


Embedded Requests on Town Websites

SDL has now streamlined the look and experience of adding a portal request form directly to a municipal website. This streamlining includes new settings and an admin page, in order to provide web developers with easy access to the links and access IDs needed for implementation. Embedded request forms will allow for easy login and sign up processes, for those requests that do require an account. However, it is also possible to utilize the new unregistered user setting, for a seamless form entry process for town website users.


Custom Text for Request Submit Steps

Before completing requests, SDL Portal users can also now add custom text to the submit step. This can act to alert users to specific information as they complete the request process online and can be configured for any available web request.


Property Owner Information Redaction

By default, property owner information is currently displayed on the property pages, in search results and on our maps. With the most recent update, towns can now choose to redact owner name data for public users on the property page, on the maps page and in all search results and search selection processes.


Property Blocks

If it is necessary to block public access to specific properties, SDL Potral users can now add or remove properties to a blocked list in your town admin section.


Blocked properties will still be available in all searches and be fully available to internal SDL users. If a public user attempts to access blocked information, a simple message on the property page will be enabled, informing users that they do not have access.


Bridgewater Selects SDL Enterprise License

bridgewater-logoSOMERSET, NJ – December 16, 2016 – The Township of Bridgewater, of Somerset County, has recently selected the SDL  Desktop Software for their municipality’s use. Bridgewater has chosen to come on board with SDL’s Enterprise License, giving them access to the SDL Portal and SDL Mobile app in addition to the SDL Desktop Software. At this time, Bridgewater has chosen to deploy the software in their Building Department, with the possibility of expanding into other departments in the future. We are very happy to have Bridgewater as a new client.

South River Selects SDL Enterprise License

south-river-logoSOMERSET, NJ – November 22, 2016 – The Borough of South River, of Middlesex County, has selected the SDL  Desktop Software for use throughout their municipality. South River has chosen to come on board with SDL’s Enterprise License. With the Enterprise License, South River will have the ability to utilize the SDL Portal and SDL Mobile app, in addition to the SDL Desktop software.


The Municipal Management Software will primarily be used throughout South River’s Code Enforcement Department. We are happy to have South River as a new client.

Mountainside selects SDL Enterprise License

logoSOMERSET, NJ – October 28, 2016 – The Borough of Mountainside, of Union County, has selected the SDL  Desktop Software for use throughout their municipality. Mountainside decided to take advantage of SDL’s multi-year licensing deal, choosing a five-year contract for the SDL Enterprise License.

With the Enterprise License, Mountainside will have access to the SDL Portal and SDL Mobile app, in addition to the Desktop software. Mountainside will be utilizing the software throughout multiple departments, including their Building, Land Use, Health and Clerk departments. We are delighted to have Mountainside as a new client.

Berkeley Township: A Year with SDL

In the spring of 2015, Spatial Data Logic welcomed The Township of Berkeley, of Ocean County, as a new client of the SDL Software. When they came on board with SDL, Berkeley decided to utilize the software in their Building Department, and chose to utilize the Enterprise License. With the Enterprise License, municipalities have access to the core SDL Desktop software, as well as the SDL Mobile app and the SDL Portal. After just over a year of implementing the use of these three platforms, officials of Berkeley Township have remarked upon the significant difference the SDL Software has made to their office workflow and efficiency.

SDL Portal

The SDL Portal is a cloud-based platform that allows municipal citizens access to relevant information. “The Portal and Mobile features are my favorite features of the software,” stated Berkeley Township Construction Official, Anthony Cirz. “The [portal] takes a huge amount of phone calls in to our office.” Currently, Berkeley’s Portal page allows for public users to view a number of different filters over their town map. These filters include property class, property value, last property sale price, vacant properties and all current and past building permits.

The above map shows Berkeley’s property classes, net                        The above map shows Berkeley’s building    assessed value, last sale price and vacant properties.                  permits for the day, week, month, quarter and year.



Schedule Inspections

While all aspects of SDL’s Municipal Management Software are designed to help increase efficiency and workflow within offices, the Portal has been able to help eliminate many of the added interruptions of office walk-ins and phone calls. In addition to township map filters, Berkeley’s Portal page also allows for users to log on and schedule inspections.

The above image demonstrates the process of completing an inspection request through the SDL Portal.

“The Portal has simplified our office’s daily operation, since it alleviates customer interaction in the office and excessive phone calls,” Cirz said.  “I have experienced a more efficient permitting process due to the availability of any person to log on to the portal and research whatever information that is necessary for them,” he continued. “The ability for customers to request inspections, check permit plan review status and to be notified of every action pertaining to their permit has significantly reduced phone calls in our office.”



Currently, Berkeley’s Portal page allows for users to visit their municipal website, view township maps, schedule inspections, make requests, view township data and search for permits. With the permit search feature, users can search with either a permit number or a control number, in order to find the status of a specific Building Permit.

Passaic Selects SDL Enterprise License

logoSOMERSET, NJ – September 20, 2016 – The City of Passaic, of Passaic County, has selected the SDL  Desktop Software for use throughout their municipality. Passaic has chosen to come on board with SDL’s Enterprise License, giving them access to the SDL Portal and SDL Mobile app, in addition to the Desktop software. This city-wide deployment of the software will encompass multiple departments, including Passaic’s Building, Health, Clerk, Code Enforcement and Fire Departments. We are delighted to have Passaic as a new client.

Allendale Selects SDL Enterprise License

sealSOMERSET, NJ – August 25, 2016 – The Borough of Allendale, of Bergen County, has selected the SDL Desktop software for use in their municipal departments. In addition to the SDL Desktop software, Allendale has chosen to come on board with the Enterprise License. With the Enterprise License, Allendale will also have access to the SDL Mobile app and SDL Portal for use throughout their municipality. We are delighted to have Allendale as a new client.

Essex Fells Upgrades to SDL Enterprise License

Essex Fells SignSOMERSET, NJ – July 26, 2016 – The Borough of Essex Fells, of Essex County, has elected to upgrade to the Enterprise License from SDL for their municipality offices. SDL’s Enterprise contract allows for the expanded use of the SDL Desktop Software into more departments and provides users with access to the SDL Mobile app and SDL Portal.

Essex Fells has been a client of SDL since 2012, when they selected the SDL GeoLogic software for their workflow and elected to utilize the SDL Mobile app for their inspectors. We are happy to continue to serve Essex Fells as a client.

East Brunswick Selects SDL Enterprise Contract

East Brunswick SealSOMERSET, NJ – July 19, 2016 – The Township of East Brunswick, of Middlesex County, has selected the SDL Desktop software for use in their municipal departments. They have chosen to come on board with the Enterprise License, giving them the use of SDL Desktop, SDL Mobile and SDL Portal. East Brunswick will primarily be using the Fire Prevention Module, but will have access to the other SDL Modules as well. We are happy to have East Brunswick as a new client.

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