Navigating A National Health Emergency

As news about COVID-19 continues to unfold, we want to take a moment to inform you of the precautionary measures we are taking at Spatial Data Logic. We also wanted to offer tips & solutions for how your town can prepare should your town implement a work-from-home policy.

We Are Here To Help!

Rest assured, Spatial Data Logic is prepared with an emergency plan in place to ensure the safety of our staff while maintaining business continuity for our clients.

  • With the help of LogMeIn, our staff can access their computers, files & applications remotely
  • Zoom conferencing allows our staff to conduct virtual meetings and training
  • Our technical staff will continue to be available Monday – Friday (9 am – 5 pm) to answer calls and conduct remote sessions
  • From a Sales & Marketing standpoint, we are committed to keeping our clients informed and continuing to offer tips and assistance


How Municipalities Can Prepare

  • Consider video conferencing solutions to conduct vendor, staff & public meetings
  • Implement a remote desktop tool such as LogMeIn to allow staff to access their desktop, files and applications from home
  • Enable online requests and payments for residents to limit visits to Town Hall
  • Partner with your vendors to identify solutions to aid in your preparation
  • If your town remains open, practice social distancing, disinfect surfaces and promote good hygiene practices throughout the building


What Spatial Data Logic Can Offer

  • SDL Hosting: SDL Hosting eliminates the need for local servers and is perfect for municipalities who want remote access to SDL Desktop, do not want to maintain in-house servers or for those who are concerned with cyber threats such as ransomware.

  • Mobile Inspections: SDL Mobile allows staff to access property information, inspection schedules, permits & attachments from their smartphone or tablet. Inspections can be started and completed from the field, eliminating the need to visit Town Hall first. All pictures, comments and inspection results sync back to the other SDL Platforms.

  • Resident Access: SDL Portal allows residents to search for information, submit requests and monitor the status of their requests online. Some of the available web requests include permit applications, inspection requests, property registries, OPRA requests, pet licenses and mercantile applications. All web-requests feed into the other SDL platforms for municipal staff to review and process. Your town has full control over which departments, information and features are made available.  

  • Online Payments: For towns concerned about cashflow, SDL’s software integrates with MuniciPAY allowing towns to accept credit card payments online through SDL Portal and SDL Desktop.

  • Municipal Websites: Keep your residents informed. Our municipal websites integrate with SDL Portal to allow residents to submit requests on their town’s website & receive a more personalized web experience.

  • Remote Training & Meetings: SDL is offering online meetings, webinars and remote training sessions to promote safe business practices.


Know Your Resources

If your town has any questions or concerns about how you can prepare, please do not hesitate to contact us.



      (800) 805-9695

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      Technical Support

       (732) 357-1280

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