The Borough of Glen Rock Selects SDL

August 31, 2022 - SOMERSET, NJ - Spatial Data Logic is excited to announce its newest client, the Borough of Glen Rock! Located in Bergen County, New Jersey, the Borough of Glen Rock joins over 240 government agencies across the county who have implemented SDL’s software to modernize processes and move services online.

As part of SDL’s Enterprise License, Glen Rock will have access to all of SDL's department modules and platforms.  To start, the borough will be implementing SDL’s Building and Land Use modules in an effort to go green and reduce paper waste. 

SDL's software will improve processes for Glen Rock's staff and its community.  For instance, SDL's citizen platforms will enable the borough to offer online permit applications, inspection requests, zoning applications, and property/permit searches. Meanwhile, Glen Rock's staff will benefit from a proven software solution that will help its staff track and manage development projects, applications, prior approvals, plan reviews, board meetings/outcomes, inspections, violations, invoices, payments and other municipal processes. Additionally, when working in the field, Glen Rock's inspectors will be able to use SDL Mobile to access property history and complete inspections using their smartphone or tablet. 

The borough has also opted for SDL’s hosting services, enabling its staff to access SDL's software from any location. In addition to facilitating remote work, SDL Hosting eliminates the need to have and maintain an in-house server, ensures users are running the most current version of the software, and helps alleviate cyber security concerns. 

We look forward to helping Glen Rock get started with its new software!

Voorhees Township Selects SDL

August 15, 2022 - SOMERSET, NJ - Spatial Data Logic is excited to announce our newest client, Voorhees Township! Located in Camden County, New Jersey, the township will be utilizing SDL’s Building, Land Use, Code Enforcement, Clerk and Pet Licensing modules to streamline operations, improve municipal oversight,  and enhance its citizen services.

The township is replacing two software vendors with Spatial Data Logic. By opting for one interconnected solution, Voorhees will have better visibility across departments, enabling its staff to collaborate on projects, prior approvals, OPRA requests and other activities. It will also ensure inspectors can access information, complete tasks and send real-time information to their office staff when working from the field. 

In addition to better visibility, SDL’s department-specific software will help Voorhees Township manage its building, land use, code enforcement, clerk and pet licensing processes. Its staff will use SDL Desktop to process and manage applications, complaints, inspections, ORPA requests, invoicing and other municipal processes. Meanwhile, inspectors will use SDL Mobile to access property information, view inspection schedules, send arrival notifications, look up statutes, document worksites and complete inspections from the field. The township can also take advantage of SDL’s citizen platforms to offer online services such as permit applications, inspection requests, issue reporting, pet licensing, property claims, property/permit searches and OPRA requests. 

SDL’s software will also alleviate the headaches associated with manual MOD IV imports. With its new software, Voorhees will benefit from automatic MOD IV updates, ensuring its departments have access to the latest owner information in SDL. Additionally, SDL will provide daily updates of the construction department’s permit information back to the assessor’s office.

Voorhees Township joins over 40% of New Jersey municipalities that use SDL’s software to modernize processes for its staff and community members. We look forward to helping the township get started with its new software!

The Borough of Ramsey Selects SDL

Somerset, NJ - July 29, 2022 - SDL welcomes its newest client, the Borough of Ramsey. Located in Bergen County, New Jersey, the borough’s Building and Zoning departments have selected Spatial Data Logic’s software to streamline operations, facilitate remote work, and deliver better services for its 14,000+ residents.

With its new software, the borough’s staff will have an all-inclusive solution to help them manage building and zoning processes such as applications, prior approvals, board outcomes, plan reviews, inspections, reporting, and payments. With SDL’s hosting services, the borough’s staff can also access their software and keep critical processes in motion when working remotely.

With SDL’s mobile app, Ramsey’s inspectors can also work efficiently in the field. SDL Mobile provides onsite access to property information such as complaints, permit applications, previous inspections, and violations. Additionally, inspectors will be able to use their smartphones or tablets to view their daily schedules, get directions, send arrival notifications, and complete inspections. 

Ramsey’s building department will also be taking advantage of SDL’s end-to-end permitting solution to comply with new UCC permitting requirements. Once live, SDL’s electronic plan review tools will enable the borough to accept permit applications and plans digitally, in addition to being able to review plans and respond to applicants electronically. It will also provide 24/7 access for the public to submit applications, request inspections, and check the status of their requests.

The Borough of Ramsey joins 33 other Bergen County clients and 230+ government agencies throughout New Jersey that have utilized SDL’s municipal management software to modernize processes and move services online. We look forward to working with the Borough of Ramsey and improving processes for its staff and community members!

The Borough of Lindenwold Selects SDL

SOMERSET, NJ - July 14, 2022 - Spatial Data Logic welcomes the Borough of Lindenwold, NJ! Located in Camden County, the borough will be implementing SDL’s municipal management software to streamline its Construction, Code Enforcement, Land Use, Clerk, Pet and Health processes.

The Borough of Lindenwold will be replacing 4 disparate software solutions with one interconnected system. With 6 departments now feeding into SDL’s software, the borough will have better oversight of department activity, property history and trending issues. 

SDL’s municipal management software will also help the borough’s staff work more efficiently. SDL’s department-specific modules will streamline applications, licenses, certificates, payments, inspections, violations, and reporting for Lindenwold’s office staff. Meanwhile, the borough’s inspectors will be able to access property history, view their schedules and complete tasks from the field using SDL’s mobile app. Furthermore, SDL Hosting will enable Lindenwold’s employees to access their software when working remotely.  

The Borough of Lindenwold is also looking forward to bringing more services online. As part of the SDL Enterprise License, the municipality will have access to 3-citizen facing platforms that its departments can use to disseminate information and services to the public. In addition to property and permit searches, the borough can activate online requests such as complaints, pet licenses/renewals, permit applications, property claims, landlord registrations, OPRA requests, mercantile applications and health inspections. 

We are excited to have the Borough of Lindenwold as a software client and look forward to helping the municipality to modernize and move services online!

Hanover Township Selects SDL

SOMERSET, NJ - July 11, 2022 - Spatial Data Logic welcomes Hanover Township, New Jersey.  Located in Morris County, the township will be implementing SDL’s Construction, Code Enforcement and Land Use modules to modernize processes for its Building & Zoning Department.

With Spatial Data Logic’s software, the department will be able to work collaboratively on development projects including zoning applications, building permits, board outcomes, plan reviews,  inspections and code enforcement. SDL’s software includes a project feature that will make it easy for the department to see any zoning, construction, land use and code applications in one place, in addition to any plan reviews, inspections, approvals, fees and attachments that are also associated with a specific development project.

In addition to increased visibility and collaboration, Spatial Data Logic’s software will enable Hanover’s staff to work effectively from any location. With SDL’s hosting services, the Building & Zoning Department can access their software whether they are working in the office or remotely. When working in the field, Hanover’s staff can use SDL Mobile to access property information, schedules, inspection history and statutes. Inspectors, zoning officials and code enforcers can also use SDL Mobile to complete inspections, document findings and complete other tasks from the field using their smartphones or tablets. 

Hanover Township currently serves over 14,000 residents, including the unincorporated communities of Whippany and Cedar Knolls. With SDL, the township will have access to 3 citizen-facing platforms that will make it easier for the public to submit applications, requests and forms online. The Building & Zoning Department will have full control over which features they want to enable for the public, but some of the options include online zoning applications, inspection requests, landlord registries, property/permit searches, building permit applications, property claims and change in occupancy requests.

We are excited for Hanover Township’s Building & Zoning Department to get started with its new software!