Washington Township and Mansfield Select SDL Enterprise License

Washington Township and Mansfield Select SDL Enterprise License

SOMERSET, NJ – December 18, 2020 – Spatial Data Logic is excited to welcome our newest clients, Washington Township (Morris County) and the Township of Mansfield (Warren County). Washington will be using the SDL Software in their Building, Code Enforcement, Land Use and Health offices, in addition to their shared service agreement with the Township of Mansfield. 

As a part of their agreement, Washington will have access to all of our department modules and platforms, including SDL Desktop, SDL Mobile, SDL Portal, SDL Citizen and SDL Online. Washington is specifically looking forward to increasing their citizen engagement and online services with the help of the SDL Portal. Because of their shared service agreement, Mansfield will also benefit from all of these tools and resources. 

If your municipality is interested in exploring shared services, you can work with Spatial Data Logic in one of two ways. For municipalities that share department services, Spatial Data Logic offers a special agreement that allows licensing to be used in up to five towns. Municipalities can also pool resources to purchase and share software licenses; by doing this they are able to purchase a larger number of licenses, allowing them to extend the software to more departments and secure a greater cost savings. For more information on our shared service software opportunities, click here.

We look forward to working with both Washington and Mansfield, and assisting with the implementation of their software and new citizen platforms.

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