Borough of Wood-Ridge Selects SDL

Borough of Wood-Ridge Selects SDL

SOMERSET, NJ - June 3, 2022 - SDL welcomes our newest client, the Borough of Wood-Ridge! Located in Bergen County, New Jersey, the borough will be implementing SDL’s Construction, Code Enforcement, Land Use, Clerk & Pet Licensing modules to modernize processes throughout its building.

Spatial Data Logic will be replacing two separate software solutions, enabling the borough to work more collaboratively through one interconnected system. In addition to municipal-wide visibility, the software will also streamline permitting, inspections, violations, board applications, OPRA requests, pet licensing and other department processes. Meanwhile, SDL’s mobile app and hosting capabilities will enable Wood-Ridge’s staff to access information and complete tasks from the office, field or when working remotely.  

The Borough of Wood-Ridge is also looking forward to activating its citizen portal to enhance its online presence. With the SDL Portal, the borough’s departments can choose to display property and permit information for the public, which will save time for the municipality and decrease OPRA requests. Wood-Ridge can also activate various online services for its citizens such as pet license applications and renewals, issue reporting, OPRA requests, zoning applications, inspection requests and property registries. In particular, the portal will help the borough’s construction department comply with new UCC permitting requirements by allowing residents, contractors and other professionals to apply for building permits, submit plans, request inspections and monitor requests online.

We are excited to work with the Borough of Wood-Ridge and can’t wait for the borough to get started with its new municipal management software!