SDL Desktop

The central hub for municipal management.

Desktop application for municipalities to automate departments and processes, effectively increasing engagement and responsive service.


At the core of every municipality are people and departments that help drive the daily functions of a town. SDL Municipal Management Software has developed a comprehensive set of features that meet the needs of each of the core responsibilities a municipality faces.


With a proper process for reporting all complaints, documents, events and personnel information, a municipality can remain efficient and function reportingsmoothly. SDL Municipal Management
Software includes a core reporting feature that allows municipalities to create, document, analyze and view reports across the entire municipality. With SDL, you may choose between two reporting systems – Standard Reporting and DataGrid.

Easy-to-run reports are flexible and comprehensive, allowing you to make informed decisions about your municipality and increase productivity.  Use SDL’s reporting functionalities to foster a culture of transparency and accountability within your departments.

  • Built-in reports for each module
  • Monthly reports by department
  • Daily band and fee reports
  • Quick and simple search and filtering
  • WYSIWYG quick reports from DataGrid
  • Mail merging and exporting for custom needs

Complaint Management

complaintNo matter the municipality, fielding and responding to complaints are a given. Proper organization and management of complaints make it easy to respond and react in an efficient and timely way. At SDL, we understand the unique challenges of handling complaints. We designed our software with these challenges in mind, in order to help you efficiently and effectively manage, address and resolve all incoming issues.

  • Issue, track and assign complaints and issues
  • Connect to inspections, violations and work orders
  • Alert responsible parties to the presence of a new complaint or request
  • Automate tracking and responses via the SDL Portal

Document Managementdocument management

Municipalities are made up of multiple departments – and a myriad of documents. Improper or unorganized management of all of these documents can lead to errors and misplacement of vital information. Our software was designed with many document management features, which allow all municipality documents to be centralized and organized using one convenient software system. Departments within a municipality benefit from having access to any document across the municipality.

  • Full integration of attachments into the workflow of each module
  • Support of images, documents, and any other file format
  • Tracking of users viewing and sharing documents


auditingIn order to remain accountable and responsible, a municipality must conduct stringent auditing services.  As you conduct performance audits to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of your operations, SDL will keep your records organized and transparent with the Auditing features that come standard as a core offering with our software. Our software features a user auditing function, as well as a system auditing function.


  • Track user behavior
  • Track changes to each part of workflow
  • Activity is never deleted
  • Login and logout of system
  • Track failed login attempts with a warning email to the administrator
  • Track failed feature attempts with a warning email to the administrator

GISSDL Portal main image

Seamlessly integrate traditional department data with geographic information systems (GIS) data using the GIS features contained in
the SDL Municipal Management Software. For departments requiring the right tools to manage map extents, line lengths and area measurements, our GIS features offer a total solution.

Users will have the ability to search for properties based on GIS information and use that information to prepare reports, send notices or complete other user-defined tasks.

  • A parcel offset wizard, for measuring setbacks and utility easements
  • GIS analysis with real time data for better management of information
  • Easily view a cross-section of all departmental data related to a single tax parcel with a click of the map